Trading and Sports Betting Systems Applications

Unique Combination of High Performance, Reliability, Security, and Standards Compliance

Trading and real-time sports betting systems require extraordinarily high performance, reliability and security. There are severe financial consequences to missing a message, falling behind live streaming data or downtime. Moreover, financial information and licensed data must be kept confidential, authenticated and distributed only to authorized recipients.

RTI Connext DDS uniquely combines high performance, reliability, security and standards compliance. This makes it the ideal messaging platform for critical trading and sports betting systems.

For high performance and reliability, Connext DDS employs a completely decentralized architecture. Applications communicate peer-to-peer, with no intermediate message brokers, daemon processes or servers. This minimizes latency, maximizes scalability and eliminates any single point of failure. Messages can also be distributed efficiently using shared memory or reliable multicast, accommodating the millions of messages per second required for market data distribution.

Connext DDS supports a high-performance approach to security. Data is secured at the application layer rather than at the transport layer; any transport can be used securely, including shared memory and multicast. Topic-level control is provided over publish and subscribe permissions and over which data has to be encrypted versus which data only needs to be authenticated. This is much more efficient than using TLS/SSL or DTLS, which encrypt all data and do not support multicast.

Unlike other low-latency messaging solutions, Connext DDS is completely standards compliant. Both the Application Programming Interface (API) and network interoperability protocol comply with the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard from the Object Management Group (OMG). There is no vendor lock in.

Additional key features of Connext DDS include:

  • Publish/subscribe, request/reply, and guaranteed messaging with application-level acknowledgement
  • C, C++, C#/.NET and Java APIs, plus third-party support for MATLAB and Python
  • Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Excel and relational databases, including Oracle Database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Recording and Replay services can be used to record live streaming data for regulatory compliance, post-mortem analysis, and to replay it for backtesting
  • Persistence Service persists data for late-joining subscribers, even if the original publisher is no longer available, and offloads publishers from reliability protocol overhead
  • Routing Service can be used to federate multiple LANs over a WAN, including over TCP and TLS and through firewalls
  • A rich set of tools for system-level visibility and debugging as well as for performance and health monitoring

Eze Software Group

Connext DDS technology will be integrated into a new cloud-enabled platform that facilitates highly scalable, real-time, and guaranteed distribution of investment data between Eze Software products and services.


With more than $693 billion in fixed-income assets under management in the U.S., PIMCO is one of the world's leading fixed-income fund-management companies. PIMCO selected RTI to expand the functionality and enhance the scalability of its pre-trade compliance system.


Xuenn Limited, a premier online gaming software solutions provider, has deployed RTI to process betting transactions in its AgileBet sports betting platform.