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The MathWorks provides Simulink® blocks and MATLAB® classes for RTI Connext DDS, allowing applications to seamlessly share information and work together.

The Simulink blocks, when added to a Simulink model, let the model interact with other DDS participants during a simulation. Simulink Coder™ lets you generate C/C++ code from a Simulink model, and code generated from the DDS blocks will conform to the Connext DDS API. The generated code can then be compiled and executed on any platform supported by Connext DDS, including Connext DDS Micro.

Similarly, instances of MATLAB classes for Connext DDS can be created in MATLAB to interact with other DDS participants during a simulation.

Screenshot of Simulink Library Browser displaying DDS Blocksets
DDS Blocksets are available from the Simulink Library after installation. Click image for full resolution.

The following video provides an introduction to these Simulink blocks, and also walks through a sample scenario where you can simulate a distributed system composed of both Connext and Simulink applications.

You may download this video for offline viewing.

To find out more about this integration, please email or download Connext DDS support for MATLAB and Simulink from