Oracle Complex Event Processing

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Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a complete solution for building applications to filter, correlate and process events in real-time so that downstream applications, service oriented architectures and event-driven architectures are driven by true, real-time intelligence.

Oracle CEP provides organizations with a complete top-down solution for designing, defining, development and implementing complex event processing applications that not only meet business requirements but perform to the highest levels of enterprise expectation. Built on industry-standards including ANSI SQL, Java, Spring DM and OSGI, Oracle CEP provides an open architecture for sourcing, processing, and publishing complex events throughout the enterprise.  And with both a visual development environment as well as standard Java-based tooling, Oracle CEP ensures that your IT team can be developing event-driven applications without the hurdle of specialized training or unique skill-set investment.

Integration with DDS – Try it Out!

RTI and Oracle offer a sample integration showing Oracle CEP consuming data from RTI Data Distribution Service, detecting events, and as a result, injecting new data into DDS.

Try DDS with Oracle CEP for Yourself

You will need the following:

Oracle CEP Visual IDE screen shot
Oracle CEP and RTI middleware can exchange information with very little development effort.

News: RTI Brings Ultra-High-Speed Data Transactions to Oracle Complex Event Processing