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Paremus is a market leader in delivering a next generation distributed OSGi™ runtime, the Paremus Service Fabric, for service oriented applications to run across a Cloud Computing environment. The first in a new era of standards-based, adaptive, dynamic, model-driven application runtimes, the Service Fabric provides significant cost savings, enhanced agility, enhanced service availability, improved resource utilization, and increased environmental and operational efficiency. Paremus also offers Nimble, a standalone OSGi server. Utilized in every node within a Service Fabric, Nimble's mantra is 'Making Modularity Manageable' and offers an easy to use approach to managing dependency resolution and provisioning.

Identified by Gartner as a Visionary in the Enterprise Application Server marketplace, the Paremus Service Fabric leads the way in offering a distributed runtime that leverages the OSGi and Service Component Architecture standards that are now being adopted by the Java Application Server industry. Offering a unique approach to application provisioning, management and removal, while simultaneously making it easy to add scalability and resilience, the Paremus Service Fabric allows architects and developers to concentrate on delivering business requirements and application functionality, and the business to benefit from automatic resource optimization that dramatically reduces operating costs.

The Service Fabric can be used for a single application on a cluster of machines through to multiple applications across the entire data center, dynamically moving resources between applications and services according to real-time business demands, pre-defined SLA's and Cloud Computing resource availability.

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