Push Technology


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Real-time data plays a critical role within many distributed applications, whether the information is sensor data from embedded devices, live sports score updates, or logistics automation data. The Internet has grown exponentially over recent years, and it has become far easier and cheaper to store, consume and serve data. However, businesses still face significant challenges when building and deploying cost-effective, large scale, real-time solutions that deliver data and achieve interoperability across a multitude of devices and platforms.

The Diffusion communication platform from Push Technology specializes in low latency, intelligent message distribution over the Internet. With the Diffusion platform, you can achieve unparalleled performance and effortless scalability when delivering real-time data to the cloud, web browsers, and desktop and mobile devices.

RTI and Push Technology are partnering to provide a highly scalable real-time messaging infrastructure that allows seamless integration between Connext applications, web applications, and native mobile applications across the Internet. By integrating Connext DDS products with the Diffusion platform, any application can access the data on the Connext data bus using the Diffusion client API.

A high level view of Diffusion server integration with the RTI Shapes Demo application as the data source.

To learn more, download the RTI Shapes Demo application or email push_technology@rti.com.