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SimVentions is a relationship focused, solution oriented technology company in operation since the year 2000. Composed of a cadre of engineers and leaders equipped with operational, system, and technical know-how of complex technical systems among the engineering disciplines of systems engineering, software engineering, security engineering and modeling and simulation (M&S). SimVentions' innovative solutions provide technologies and services to enable our customers' success in the federal and commercial sectors. In addition to its core technical services business, SimVentions tools and technologies have been designed, developed, deployed, licensed, and used by thousands of users across the Department of Defense, Federal Government, and Commercial Industry.

Product Description

SimVentions' Information For Me DDS tool (InformeDDS) provides insight into components on a publish/subscribe network. This tool can be used to monitor, inject, record, and validate messages from all components participating in a given Data Distribution System (DDS) domain.

  • Auto-discovers domain participants and topics with no prior knowledge of their existence
  • Visualizes the relationship between domain participants and topics
  • Displays topic data format, i.e., IDL, and data as it is received
  • Displays discovered Quality of Service (QoS) settings for each topic
  • Allows for simple message injection
  • Validate discovered topic against pre-defined "ground truth" topic data
  • Allows for recording data from any number of topics that can be analyzed offline or played back at a later time

List of platforms supported

  • Windows 7/8 – 64 and 32 bit
  • Linux – 64 and 32 bit

InformeDDS version 1.0 will be available as a third-party tool with RTI Connext DDS 5.2.0.

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