Routing Service

Scale and Integrate DDS Systems Across Multiple Platforms, Systems and Networks

RTI Routing Service allows developers to rapidly scale and integrate real-time systems. It provides the ability for unmodified new and legacy applications to interoperate, even if they were not originally designed to work together.

Features and Benefits

  • Securely integrates and partitions DDS systems across a LAN or WAN
  • Builds large-scale modular systems out of existing applications
  • Uses IP multicast for efficient, broad data distribution while bridging sites with secure TCP connections for easy firewall traversal
  • Uses content filter propagation when bridging networks, so only currently subscribed data is forwarded
  • Deploys solutions without changing existing/legacy applications
  • Supports the DDS Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) protocol
  • Transforms and filters data for seamless communication between disparate systems that may use different topic names and definitions, type definitions and Quality of Service
  • Supports distributed development teams
    • Provides testing and integration capabilities across multiple sites
    • Selectively exposes and accepts data on live systems from remote sites
    • Offers live analytics, fault-condition analysis and data verification

Routing Service can integrate systems of systems by decoupling topic and type definitions from external interfaces, and even bridge to legacy messaging and networking technologies.

Routing Service at work in a complex system of systems. (Click on image to view full size.)

For assistance developing complex solutions to integrate legacy applications and improve data security, please contact RTI Professional Services.