RTI Connext Tools

Accelerate Development of Your Industrial IoT Systems

Looking to speed your time to market? Connext® Tools give you deep visibility into your running systems, help troubleshoot application connectivity and solve complex data integration problems. Whether you are just starting your DDS journey or have been building DDS applications for a while, Connext Tools support your team throughout the entire software development cycle – all the way from design to production.

We've Got You Covered. From Design to Production and Beyond.

  • Development and Troubleshooting – When your applications experience connectivity issues, the entire team slows down. Development tools are critical for identifying the cause of the issue and finding the right solution.
  • System Monitoring and Administration – Once your applications are up and running, you can't just stop there. It is essential to keep monitoring the health and performance of your distributed systems.
  • Functional, Systems and Performance Testing – When it comes to bulletproofing your industrial systems, having a variety of ways to simulate harsh conditions significantly improves code quality and reduces the effort for both R&D and QA teams.

Meet the RTI Connext Tools Family

Launcher: Start Here

Everything you need to build Industrial IoT applications is now at your fingertips. Launcher is a "single pane of glass" view for your entire Connext DDS environment. It keeps tabs on all your Connext Tools. An intuitive Launcher interface helps effortlessly add new components and target platforms to the current Connext DDS environment, see what is already installed, find documentation and web resources, create new source-code projects and run all the Connext tools and command-line utilities.

Launcher screen shot

Administration Console: Take Control

Administration Console is an essential tool for troubleshooting, configuring and monitoring all Connext DDS infrastructure services as well as visualizing data directly from your system. The Administration Console minimizes troubleshooting time and effort in all stages of application development by proactively analyzing system settings and log messages. Problems get highlighted, making them easy to find and address.

RTI Connext DDS: Data Visualization Overview

Monitor: Troubleshoot Like a Pro

Monitor helps to troubleshoot your DDS-enabled applications throughout the entire process of integration and testing. It also provides continuous visibility into deployed systems in production through real-time graphical views of the entire ecosystem of applications connected by Connext DDS. Monitor aids in diagnosing unusual behavior patterns and reduces risks associated with connectivity issues and network usage.

RTI Monitor Demo: Real-Time Visibility into DDS Applications

Recording Service: Capture Your Real-World Data

Record your applications data in real time, with high accuracy and without any performance impact. Recording Service reliably captures large amounts of live data from all systems and applications running Connext DDS. You can then replay the recorded data and even change data rates and QoS settings. Recording and Replay is a versatile capability that can be used for many tasks, including algorithms testing, regression testing against “golden” data inputs, or even recording live data from the field for post-mission analysis.  Recording service provides data fidelity to within 10 milliseconds of the recorded data rate.

Learn how to leverage Recording and Replay capability for developing industrial grade applications »

Using the Connext DDS Record/Replay Feature

Distributed Logger: See Problems Before They See You

Get real-time notifications when error or warning conditions occur anywhere in your DDS environment. Distributed Logger enables applications to log messages using existing logging infrastructure and to publish them to Connext DDS. It also publishes Connext DDS log messages to the same topics. This way you can correlate warnings and errors from Connext DDS with log messages from your own applications, which greatly aids troubleshooting. All the log messages can be centrally collected and saved for later analysis and troubleshooting. You can use both Monitor and Admin Console to see and analyze them.

Wireshark: Know Your Packets

Wireshark is a purpose-built network protocol analyzer that looks at all the packets in your network and captures the ones in which you are interested. RTI provides special plugins for decoding DDS messages and examining their content. The display shows packets in real time as they arrive. Wireshark is invaluable for learning DDS as well as a go-to-tool for deep packet inspection and network connectivity troubleshooting. It is free and available for download from the RTI Community Portal.

Add-in for MS Excel : Teach Your Spreadsheets New Tricks

Turn your spreadsheets into powerful analytic and visualization capability for your IIoT systems. RTI Add-in for Microsoft Excel provides turnkey, bi-directional integration between Connext DDS and Microsoft Excel. See your IIoT data in spreadsheets as cells, formulas and charts come to life with real-time data streams.

Shapes: Get in Shape Fast

Get your entire team up to speed with DDS fundamentals quickly! RTI Shapes Demo is a powerful learning tool for understanding the DDS concepts, such as publish-subscribe messaging, data centricity and Quality of Service (QoS). Shapes is a visually appealing, game-like application that allows you to experiment by modeling the desired behavior without coding. It is suitable for users of any level and does not require programming skills or prior DDS knowledge.

Develop your DDS expertise by downloading Shapes for free »