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Building distributed systems is tough. And it gets tougher when systems have special requirements such as low-latency or massive scalability. But Connext DDS is a high-performance middleware that can solve many of your complex data-distribution problems. It is proven in a variety of systems with complex requirements – and now, we're leveraging that real-world experience to make it easier for you to get started.

Two-Minute Topic: Case + Code

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Introducing Case + Code, a series of use case-based examples to help take you from the problem that you have – tracking vehicles, sending real-time data over a WAN or distributing video data to many receivers – to real coding and configuration that can get you started right away.

Case + Code Examples

  • Doctors Bag
    Integrate Medical Devices

    With access to better data, you can make better decisions. In the hospital environment, a better decision can result in the saving of a life. This RTI Connext DDS solution explains how to integrate medical devices to create safer hospitals and to improve patient safety.

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  • Chocolate Factory
    Automate Manufacturing Flows and Systems

    Do you need to monitor the state of lots or batches in manufacturing flows? This Connext DDS solution explains how to track, report on and process items in high-speed, accuracy-critical manufacturing flows.

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  • Vehicle Tracking
    Track and Monitor Vehicles and Assets

    Do you want to know where your assets are, in real-time? This Connext DDS solution explains how to track vehicles across a network, whether UAVs in the arena or a fleet of emergency vehicles responding to a crisis.

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  • Vehicle Tracking
    Monitor Remote Devices in the Internet of Things

    Do you need to send and receive data between multiple real-time LANs, even over a WAN? Whether they're geographically disparate with bandwidth constraints or in the same building, this Connext DDS solution explains how to connect two real-time networks over a WAN.

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  • Vehicle Tracking
    Stream Video to Multiple Receivers

    Do you need to monitor video from security cameras or receive SIGINT data from multiple UAVs? This Connext DDS solution explains how to stream video, audio or other media over unicast or multicast, to multiple subscribers at the same time.

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