RTI Industrial IoT FastTrax Program

Implement Your Own Industrial IoT Strategy with RTI Expertise

A strong Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) architecture will help your company reduce costs, grow revenues and improve your margins. RTI can help accelerate your Industrial IoT initiatives and transform your business.

Two-Minute Topic: Industrial IoT FastTrax Services

Larger View

The Industrial IoT is all about data. A data-centric architecture ensures that every part of your system can use available data quickly and effectively. Data centricity provides a stable architectural foundation that can grow incrementally and remains flexible to accommodate continually changing future requirements. It allows you to manage diverse interfaces, data sources, protocols and deployment schemes (cloud, private, public and/or hybrid) with ease. Smart Connext® DDS middleware helps you connect and secure data that matters for years to come.

Three-Phase Approach

RTI Professional Services applies a three-phase approach to help you architect your Industrial IoT plan and map infrastructure. Our approach is field-proven with hundreds of clients in every major industry around the world. We consistently deliver success on time, the first time and every time.

1. Discovery

During discovery, you validate your key assumptions with proof of concept tests on realistic networks and with measurable outcomes. The intent is to clarify use cases and business opportunities to make effective architectural and technology decisions. And you will start with small pilot projects that rely on critical experiments to improve and expand existing assets and investments.

2. Definition

During definition, you identify system architecture and operational behavior requirements with an eye to the future. The intent is to design for growth capacity and scalability. As a result, you will prepare for rapid increases in customers and information related to the Industrial IoT.

3. Architecture

During architecture, you design a distributed system architecture that meets your business needs. The intent is to put your data first, and connect and secure what matters. Ultimately, you will realize a standards-based interoperable Industrial IoT solution that maximizes profitable growth.

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Program Benefits

After completing the Industrial IoT FastTrax Program, your company will have a plan to use and manage the volume and variety of real-time data from connected assets more effectively. You'll be able to:

  • Improve operational efficiency, increase utilization and reduce downtime
  • Create new revenue streams and increase the value of existing products and services
  • Enable gateway connectivity of legacy protocols
  • Enhance interoperability through standards compliance and end-to-end security

Our team can help you make sense of the Industrial IoT, particularly in the challenging context of integrating 'brownfield' systems. You'll be able to mitigate project risk, increase productivity and deliver quality on a shorter schedule when transforming existing systems to the next-generation Industrial IoT environment.